Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Finally On The Mend

So today is day 12 since my tonsillectomy surgery last week. It's also the first day that I am able to look back and feel that the worst is behind me. I knew it was going to hurt. I knew the recovery is longer for adults than for youngsters. But I was not prepared for HOW MUCH it was going to hurt! I didn't think it was going in incapacitate me for two full weeks. I am feeling much better, but Adam is still driving the kids to and from school and doing a majority of the housework.

I have given birth to 2 children, both over 9 lbs at birth, and I still agree that this tonsillectomy was the WORST pain I have ever dealt with in my entire life. It doesn't start out bad and then slowly taper off. You start out in an anesthesia-induced fog that fools you into thinking the recovery is going to be easy. Then the pain slowly grows over the first week until the scabs in the back of your throat come off, then it feels like someone seared the flesh of your throat with a hot iron (oh wait, THEY DID!). I'm the type of person who doesn't like to take narcotic pain killers, but I was taking the maximum allowed dosage on those days!

I won't say I regret having it done. I'm glad I won't have to worry about tonsil problems anymore. What I wish is that I had gotten it done years ago. It might not have been as painful.

And it still astonishes me how weak I am. After 12 days in bed, I can get dressed and pick up a few things, then I have to sit down and rest awhile.

On a lighter side, I have caught up on a lot of video games I've been meaning to play for a long time. I downloaded a bunch of Nintendo Virtual Console games on the Wii last summer and never had the time to play them. I played through the NES Legend of Zelda in a couple of days. Then I moved on to A Link to the Past. I forgot how much I loved that one! I beat it in 4 days (3 if you count the fact that I slept most of one day). I am now working on Zelda: Ocarina of Time, which I admit I've never played before. Adam and I never had an N64, since we were partial to Sony Playstation at its release. I'm still getting used to the 360 degree gameplay thing, but I like it so far. Adam thinks I am strange to go back and play all these old games when we have such awesome graphics on the Xbox games, but I like the classics.

I am still surviving for the most part on oatmeal, baby food, and Boost drinks. I tried to eat a cookie last night. It didn't go well. Mashed potatoes are okay, but it's so painful to eat that I eventually give up and go for something easier. I wonder how long it will be until I can't eat a real meal again. Nighttime is the hardest. That's when my ears hurt the most. Yes, having your tonsils removed makes your ears hurt.

So now I am able to get dressed and do a few things around the house, but I still have a ways to go for full recovery. As you can tell, I haven't even felt like turning on my computer, much less writing anything. The few statuses I updated on Facebook were mainly because everyone was asking how I was doing. I have a love/hate relationship with solid food, and yawning hurts like hell, but other than that, I am doing much better!


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