Thursday, September 1, 2011

Lemonade vs Limeade

Yesterday I walked into the kitchen to make a pitcher of lemonade. Adam was standing at the counter, stirring.

Me: "What are you doing."

Adam: "I'm making us some limeade."

Me: "I was gonna do that already, but I wanted to make lemonade."

Adam: "Well... I'm making limeade."

Me: "But I don't like limeade that much."

My unspoken meaning was I don't like YOUR limeade. Adam doesn't make it sweet enough in my opinion. Don't tell him I said that though...

Adam: "You can still make your lemonade. But I'M making LIMEADE."

I gathered an extra pitcher and a big spoon. Adam muttered under his breath, "Mine tastes better anyway..."

My competitive spirit flamed to life, "We'll see about that..."

Adam looked at me from the corner of his eye, smirking to himself.

After preparing our beverages, we each tasted them.

"Mine's better," I said.

Adam: "No, MINE'S better!"

Our cousin Josh walked into the kitchen. We nearly tackled him and made him taste the lemonade/limeade and be the judge.

Josh: "Alright now, no matter which one I pick, y'all can't get mad at me..."

We waited impatiently while he drank both glasses. After smacking his lips for a moment, he said, "I like the limeade better."

Adam (pointing at me): "HAAAA!"

Josh, if you're reading this, you'd better watch your back dude... Lol.

Later that afternoon, Adreine came in from playing outside, red-faced and sweaty. I walked in to see her guzzling a big glass of my lemonade.

Adreine: "Ahhh.... that hit the spot!"

Me: "So you like my lemonade huh?"

Adreine knows her mommy and daddy well. She sensed the rivalry immediately. Her face tensed and she stared at me for a long moment, weighing her next words carefully.

Adreine: "Daddy made the limeade, didn't he?"

I nodded.

Adreine sighed heavily and poured herself a glass of limeade. I waited while she finished it.

Adreine: "I like yours better, but you have to promise not to tell Daddy. I don't wanna hurt his feelings."

I walked around for the rest of the day with a smug smile on my face.

But later that evening, after tucking the kids into bed, I snuck into the fridge, made sure no one was looking, and poured myself a tall glass of.....


So I guess Adam won the battle after all....


Patrice-The Soap Seduction said...

Limeade is so underrated! I love it...much better than lemonade...but I'm sure yours is delicious:)

Rattan Furniture said...

We waited impatiently while he drank both glasses. After smacking his lips for a moment, he said, I like the limeade better Thanks for sharing this blog with us....

Vickie Heully said...

Thanks for reading. Glad I could entertain :-).

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