Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Adreine's Haircut

Adreine's been begging her Daddy to let her have her hair cut since February. Adam stood firm with "No way!" for several months. However, she worked on him all summer and finally got her wish!

Here's one last look at her long hair, only trimmed once in her whole life.

Here's the stylist cutting off the length.

Adam sat outside. He had agreed to it, but he still wasn't happy about it.

And here's the finish!

She loves it. She can't stop touching it. We had to pry her away from every reflective surface she walked by for the rest of the day. Now I can breathe a huge sigh of relief because I was afraid it wouldn't turn out like she expected. I didn't want to deal with the aftermath if she was disappointed.

Adam said he likes it too, but he still wishes she hadn't gotten it cut.

Adreine said, "It's okay Daddy, I'm still your little girl, I'm just cuter now!"

Saturday, June 30, 2012

What A School Year!

This school year was full of firsts and accomplishments for my wonderful little ones.

Jacob finished his year of kindergarten with flying colors. He had some behavior hiccups at first, but he adjusted fine. He said his favorite part was doing fun crafts and the big field day with a water slide at the end of the year. Besides good grades, he's also learned to tie his shoes, ride his bike, and read very well. I'm so proud of my little man!

Adreine has also had a great year. In November, she won third place in Mississippi's Promote the Vote art contest! It was a proud moment for her as well as for the entire school. She attended an awards ceremony at the state Capitol building and got to meet our Secretary of State! Of course, I already know she is quite the artist. It was great to see her talent showcased for a good cause.

She also made great strides in Accelerated Reading and passed the third grade with perfect grades. She received numerous awards as well as one for highest Math average, which surprised her because Math gave her a little bit of trouble this year.

So now it's summer vacation time and then it's on to the 1st grade for Jacob/ 4th grade for Adreine. I don't think reading over the summer will be a problem for Adreine. Jacob is a different story lol. Know of any educational Nintendo games, anyone?
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